Hello everyone. This is Yoshiaki Uehara , living in Fukuoka Japan .
Thank you for coming to my site.
July 2011 I encountered a human body sketching ,
My consciousness has changed.
I realized something more important than the techniques .

And I wanted to see the deep inside of us, and started drawing human.
If there is something touches your heart, it is my pleasure.

hank you.



This is Keiko Hirayama , a woman, producing dolls of paper clay in Fukuoka Japan.
I am charmed with the doll for over 30 years.
Long time ago one old man, living alone, came to me to buy one of my dolls, a young girl with flowers, about 20cm high. A white stubbly beard and the tanned face seems to be incurable. And he was wearing a suit and pants looks to have worn for dozens of years.

The doll was displayed on TV in his room until he died several years later.
In his lonely life, did he talk with the doll sometimes?
Did the doll tell something to him, too?
My dolls are not yet reached enough level, but,
if they can touch somebody’s heart even for a while, it is my biggest pleasure.

Thank you.